Hi! I'm a junior level designer with a focus on level and narrative design. I want to build game spaces that carry meaningful stories.

I am currently working as a marketing video artist at Shiro Games, in Bordeaux, France.

You can download my resume here or reach me via Linkedin or by e-mail.


Raptured (WIP)

An in-door first-person walking simulator
Worldbuilding & Level Design

Escape from RHF

Post-apocalyptic action-adventure TPS
Level design & building

Doom Scary Party

Macabre narrative adventure & shooter
Level design, narrative design & writing

La Dame Du Bois

Narrative adventure in the 15th century
Game design, narrative design & writing

PMU Survivalism

Narrative light simulation game
Game design & prototyping

Froggy at the Pool

Card-based investigation simulator
Narrative & puzzle design



Trailer for an adventure horror game Storyboard, recording and editing

Clan of the Eagle

Trailer for a new Northgard clan
Writing, recording and editing

La Dame Du Bois

Teaser for one of a student project
Storyboard, recording and editing